Macaw Ranger Program

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Building resilience, by converting tour guides to Macaw rangers, in order to prevent poaching and habitat loss


Overall, this grant will result in empowered, inspired, and engaged communities in core areas of some of the most powerful flagship species for the entire ecosystem, the endangered Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw. The “Macaw Ranger Program” will generate a direct income revenue and at the same time, provide an excellent opportunity to educate, empower and inspire people to see the importance of protecting wildlife and its habitat. Only when primary life needs are met, are people able to think beyond themselves and their families. This grant will offer local community members opportunities to diversify income streams so that their income is not entirely dependent on tourism, thus fostering resiliency and security. This approach, combined with increased community outreach focused on the need to protect their environment, will reduce pressure on habitats and ecosystems and thus help to safeguard wildlife.

Target country

Costa Rica

Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Climate
  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Impact Support
  • Information
  • Nature
  • Tracking
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We are ready to implement this pilot project in our two target communities. To be able to alleviate the loss in income from tourism, we are looking for funds to provide alternative incomes as we contract people as Macaw Rangers. Our first-years program is estimated to cost $49,630.

Best way to get in touch

Email ( or phone (+506 8408 6394)

Project status

  • In Progress