Lizzie’s Foundation for Children

Short description

A soup kitchen that provides free meals to selected vulnerable organizations working with children.


Lizzie’s Foundation for Children is a not-for-profit Soup Kitchen that will serve children in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Our intention is to provide free meals to orphanages and other vulnerable organizations like The Blind School and The School for the Deaf. The main goal of Lizzie’s Foundation is to play a part in addressing hunger in Freetown by cooking nutritious meals for our chosen beneficiaries. Our services will include food box programs, emergency food programs (e.g COVID-19) and a youth farm that will provide opportunities for self-sufficiency activities for “at risk” youth. 
Our beneficiaries will be low-income and under privileged people who struggle to even have one meal a day. Over 90% of those served by the program are children. 

We have no doubt that the number of children who need services from Lizzie’s Foundation will increase over the next five years.  As a start we would like to support between 5-10 organisations in the first 3 years and see how things develop from there. For instance The Blind School has 90 students plus teachers. Heaven Homes Orphanage has 45 children plus teachers and Raining Season Orphanage has 60 children plus teachers.

Target country

Sierra Leone

Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Food

Support needed

  • Business Strategy
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We need help with raising capital to set up the soup kitchen. We are currently operating from my home kitchen which is not ideal. We had a devastating fire a few months back that destroyed one of the largest slums in Freetown. We managed to deliver 2,500 cooked meals to the children over a 3 week period.

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Project status

  • In Progress