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We, ‘Livelihood Christian Ministries" (LCM) is a registered voluntary organization IN INDIA.


LIVELIHOOD CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES ORGANIZATION bringing up the most deserving sections of the society to have better standard of living and enhanced quality of life. LIVELIHOOD CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES ORGANIZATION has been extending its critical facilitation services in the area KARNATAKA of community KARNATAKA health care services, reproductive and child health, sexual health and life skill education for adolescent girls, prevention of child labor, such KARNATAKA Rural livelihoods promotion with gender and social equity focus, Watershed
development programme, emergency rescue, relief and immediate rehabilitation programmes (sanitation kits, medicine, for the work, restoration of the livelihoods, primary/ elementary education, livelihoods, child focus initiates, infrastructure rehabilitation), Child mobilization and trauma counseling, Environmental education in Location of the project schools, Prevention of HIV/AIDS Targeted interventions for HIV/AIDS prevention and sex workers empowerment,
Education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities, mitigation and management, Rights advocacy and lobbying for rural women and other development projects.

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  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights

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Warm greetings to you from Livelihood Christian Ministries HYDERABAD A.P. PROPOSAL FOR COVID 19 2nd wave INDIA Enclosed as attached file We are working on pandemic Covid-19 2nd wave the primary focus of operation is will be defying the most poor families / individuals those are going through serve food scarcity or without any livelihood open them survival kits and wash kits which must be sufficient to fulfill their household food and wash need for one year 2022 In this relieved operands will be given to ultra poor families daily wagers, migrate workers ,and labors and other needy groups . Operation will educate the target groups on prevention of covid-19 2nd wave through awareness camps and help them to access to relief and other response assistance from the government and humanitarian agencies for long term soluons on the COVID-19 2nd wave crises these essential support programmers will help them to service the crucial period. Thanking you President Harihara K Prakash LCM M: + 91 94490540219/ +917013313834 Email:-- Website is

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  • In Progress