Literacy, basic education and vocational training

Short description

We are improving the living conditions of child domestic workers by enabling them to acquire basic education.


The project aims not only to provide basic education / literacy at the primary level to child domestic workers but, through an awareness-raising component for the population and an advocacy component with public and political authorities, to change mentalities in Burundian society with regard to the problem of child domestic workers in particular, child laborers in general and respect for their rights including their right to basic and primary education.

Through this basic literacy, the project also offers a specific module relating to citizen participation and the training of these young people in their basic rights. In this context, particular attention will be paid to the category of young domestic workers.

The project provides for a component of qualifying technical training according to the wishes of the young girls trained: those wishing to leave the profession of domestic worker will be directed towards technical training in baking; those wishing to remain domestic but to improve themselves in order to be able to find a better paying job will be trained in languages ​​or in culinary arts.

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  • Education

Support needed

  • General management

What we need help with

- Implementation of room rental fees, "voluntary" intervention by young children and young domestic workers in the maintenance of the rented premises as well as in information and awareness sessions with the population. - Sustained advocacy that will aim to ensure that the Burundian governments are gradually led to take over an increasing share of the financing of this action and to extend it to all young domestic workers.

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  • Launched