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Our Initiative is an automatic sensor and foot operated hand washing system that is the safest hand washing system.


Our initiative is developing a safer hand washing system that involves opening and closing the tap using of veronica bucket and liquid soap using the Automatic sensor and also foot operated peda.Lili Tap is installed in existence buckets in communities, homes, offices, businesses places, schools etc so that users can installed and use the Lili tap in home that have buckets already. Our Systems is the safest hand washing systems because it involves opening the tap by stepping on the pedal so that liquid soap and water can be realised the tap can be close by removing your foot from the pedal.
The Materials use in building the Lili Tap is sourced from recycling materials that provides the cheap approach in the fight against the Covid-19.
The Lili Tap is uniquely positioned to help build and installed this safest hand washing systems to small communities across my community and the country at large. This can help prevent people in my community from not contacting the Corona virus through improper hand washing but providing a more safe and unique option of washing hands with soap and water.

Target country

Sierra Leone

Project type

  • Prevention

Support needed

  • Growth hacking
  • Marketing

What we need help with

we want to introduce our automatic and foot operated hand washing systems in communities across Africa we need access to people and organisation that can buy and use our hand washing system as it the safest option of washing hands. we need funding to expand on our production and reach to more communities and help reduce further spread of Covid-19

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Project status

  • Launched