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Lex Pandemonium is a limited series podcast hosted in Kenya focusing on law and justice in times of Corona.


Lex Pandemonium is a podcast by a lawyer for both lawyers and non-lawyers intended to provide information around Corona. The podcast informs lawyers about practice, allows lawyers to share their stories and economic situation in light of COVID19 and allows the public to hear pertinent information around topics such as employment law in these times.

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  • Other

Support needed

  • Communications
  • Content
  • Exposure
  • Marketing

What we need help with

The organization needs help funding more podcasts and with digital marketing budgets to ensure more people can access the content.We would also greatly benefit from connecting with other organizations in legal journalism/marketing for learning purposes and expanding our network.

Best way to get in touch

Reachable on miss-o@jurorbox.com and +254725580282

Project status

  • Launched