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Nvp advocates for stopping violence in the community, homes and schools through our events and apparel line in which proceed will go into our transitional housing program to help abuse victims and those subjected to violence. Due to Covid we cannot host as many events and it slowed down our progress, at least for now so instead of shutting down we have a platform in which we can hire individuals to work from home providing flexible schedules that work around any type of schedule. Applicants will register on platform , conduct a background check and once completed will have option to choose what client to service. The platform has major clients such as Dick Sporting good, Zales, Comcast, Turbo tax and host of others. There is training class recommended and at the end of the class will receive a certificate of completion. Jobs are customer service based and are in need of help. These are real jobs by real employers needing help in these trying times even there businesses are in need of help. We need financial support in order to help indivuals get to work and take care of there families,

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The fact that this program is awesome speaks for itself all it takes is the commitment. Although it may seem easy of course there are struggles people face. The good part is that this job can be done nationwide. The problem we have encountered is people do not have the equipment to start. Due to Covid 19 and the decrease in jobs we have many who want to work and apply but do not have a computer to get started. Although jobs are slowing increasing so many people cant go back to work especially those with health issues. We need funding so that we maybe able to help people struggling at least work from home to produce income until they are able to go back to work. Right now the world is transitioning and we have the best solution to keep them a float. They can work these jobs even when all of this is over with . They have good start wage, some have sign on bonuses once they complete training. we need financial support to help set people up for success.

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