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The main objective of Janghi is to integrate into the Senegalese national education system, poor children or children in ...


The main objective of Janghi is to integrate into the Senegalese national education system, poor children or children in difficult and precarious situations who have been excluded. Thanks to the joint and complementary efforts of the two associations, Italian and Senegalese, Janghi has since 2014 increased the number of children having access to school. Among them, more than half are talibés children. The school is a gateway for Janghi. It makes it possible to intervene, inter alia, on the fundamental rights of childhood of which this particular target is often deprived. The right to civil recognition, health assistance, improvement of living conditions (housing, clothing and hygiene), contact with parents, personal development and protection against ill-treatment and exploitation. The so-called Talibés, who are children entrusted by their families to a Koranic teacher who is committed to provide them with a purely religious education. The children’s families are in fact generally poor and peasant and cannot take care of them. The Marabout has them memorize the Koran and gives them shelter in his Daara but no food. These children spend all their childhood (from the age of 4-5 years through adolescence) away from home and in order to eat, they are forced to beg in extremely precarious conditions, for several hours a day, in the busy city streets. These children survive by begging. In order to prevent these children to become a dangerous vehicle of spreading COVID 19 to the population, they have been ordered not to beg anymore by the Senegalese government, but without providing these children with alternative ways of procuring their food. They were left to fend for themselves and many of them are literally starving. Janghi is now supporting 200 of these Talibe children and is providing them every week with food and hygiene products. Janghi has trained older children in hygiene practices and first aid and we keep in touch with those volunteers through whatsapp to provide them with medical advice as many of these children live in extremely poor and unhygienic living quarters sharing a small space with up to 100 other children and no outdoor space to go out and play and get fresh air. They cannot return to their families either right now, as the Senegalese government has blocked movement between the different regions in Senegal and if these children are allowed to go back to their remote villages, they could potentially spread the COVID 19 virus further and very fast.

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Janghi is currently supporting 200 street children to survive as they are not allowed to beg anymore in order not to become a dangerous vehicle for spreading COVID 19 in Senegal. We are quickly running out of funds to provide basic food items for these children and need financial support to keep them healthy and fed until the crisis is over. We would also like technical support and expertise on providing these children with offline learning opportunities while they are in confinement to keep them occupied and happy during their confinement.

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