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Enhancing cancer patient’s wellness and empowering women and girls


Bustani Day Spa is a business catering for wellness, beauty and healthcare needs of individuals and corporates and started in late 2018. However, during COVID 19 our start-up has been brought to its knees and so rather than fold up and give up we are seeking for funding to keep our doors open and ensure our employees and ourselves keep getting a much needed income while we do some innovative wellness work.
We have therefore decided to start a social arm of the business that caters for the needs of two categories of community members
– Cancer patients
– Abused women and girls (domestic)
This is something that I as a founder member of the business is passionate about.
According to Kenya Policy paper 2020- 2030, Cancer is on the rise everywhere in the world and Kenya its no exception. Cancer is the second leading non communicable disease after cardiovascular diseases, accounting for7% of total national mortality and making it a public health concern. Most patients with cancer retention of toxic fluids problems due to side effects of medicines used for treatment. This is the problem to which we wish to give a solution to using our professional knowledge of massage techniques to drain the toxic fluids thereby enhancing the wellness of the patients.

The project will cater to needs of needy cancer patients who require massage services and other alternative healing processes to enhance their lives and bring a sense of wellbeing to their lives. We shall do this using our already trained therapists and wellness instructors who will then be earning a living while creating wellness for the cancer patients. We have already connected with an organisation that supports cancer patients and they are happy to work with us. We trust we shall reach 16 patients coming twice a month for wellness services.

The second strand of the project will is looking to support abused women and girls (mostly in domestic cases) . Violence is a daily reality for women and girls across Kenya. According to government data, 45 percent of women and girls aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence and 14 percent have experienced sexual violence. Many cases are not reported to authorities and few women get justice or receive medical care. Through linking with FIDA and other organisations dealing with this issue, we shall support at least 10 women and girls to come in weekly and they will be engaged in self-defence, wellness activities and self-esteem/confidence building and later on be supported with a little seed funding to start a small enterprise or course to empower themselves financially.
This will ensure we continue running as a spa and at the same time support these categories of community members based in Nairobi and its environs hence bring about joy, happiness, wellness and prosperity to ourselves and these groups of patients and women.
This will enable us to continue striving forward with our wellness agenda as we support those in need in our community.
The long-term view is that once our business is profitable, in about 3 years, we shall continue doing the same work by supporting these two groups with some of our profits that the business will have generated.
Having worked in the NGO industry for over 20 years I have a good knowledge of grants management and also a good knowledge of programmes and project management as well as accountability. I am also very passionate about empowerment of women and wellness matters.
I also have a great professional team that we have trained in the last two years when we started operating towards end 2018. I feel that this is a big success project that would spur interest in how businesses are run but also a sense of accountability to the big businesses to do more to support needy communities and take up community initiatives.
Project will have an outcome of at least 96 cancer patients supported during the period and at least 20 women supported with confidence building and wellness initiatives and support with income generation support for financial freedom.

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We are seeking support to offset operational costs that would help us run through this difficult time of Covid-19 and at the same time put smiles on faces of cancer patients and empower women to get back to their truest selves by rebuilding their confidence and boosting their capacity to earn an income and feel independent. NB: Even though we have said the project is launched, its not yet started because we still in the formative stages of pulling financing together. The operational costs as follows (in USD). this budget is for 6 months Rent - 5556 power and water - 1667 salaries - 16667 Insurance - 834 Security - 1667 communications - 834 products - 1852 Laundry - 2224 Discounted services (for 24 cancer patients per month) - 6018 Discounted services for women and girls - Free income generation seed money - 4269 (average of 462$) per woman Contingency - 2937 Total in $ 44,879

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jane@bustanispa.com and +254 722 861 246

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  • Launched