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The project will provide meals to 300000 Rural vulnerable Covid-19 victims for for efficient growth and development.


Existing evidence presents a high probability of increased food insecurity affecting the majority of people through this coronavirus pandemic. Negative coping activities such as selling livestock, and other assets are expected to increase if food and non-food assistance are not implemented concurrently. It is also anticipated that these adversities will lead to reduced dietary diversity associated with increased malnutrition, especially amongst children and vulnerable groups. Under NTCTIP emergency assistance an estimated 300,000 beneficiaries will be assisted in areas which are highly inaccessible, where the market structure is not well established or functional, and where mechanisms of cash delivery are less feasible..

Due to the urgency for relief assistance, and considering the processing, and transportation lead time, NTCTIP proposes to purchase the following food-basket commodities; maize meal and pulses from the rural markets where prices are cheaper compared to urban markets. The objective of the proposed Emergency Relief Assistance to the republic of Uganda is to contribute to the on-going efforts of the Government and other humanitarian partners to save lives in the current crisis situation, protect livelihoods and enhance resilience to the impact of COVID-19,erratic and late rains in the cropping season. This objective will be achieved through the provision of emergency food relief.

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  • Food

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  • Raising capital

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Uganda is facing a severe food insecurity that has prompted the Government and Partners to issue an appeal for relief assistance to the international community. There is a funding gap which must be closed to respond to the food aid needs of the most vulnerable people during this difficult global pandemic of corona virus.

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  • Just started