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IDMC is a non-profit making voluntary organization and it started in 2010. IDMC is registered with Kasese District com


Integrated Development for marginalized community (IDMC) is a non-profit making voluntary organization and it started in 2010. IDMC is registered with Kasese District community development office with REG NO: 1106 and also incorporated at National level as nonprofit with REG No: 8002001404179 with registrar of companies – Kampala and also registered with the NGO board with registration No: MIA/NB/2018/12/1716, having our head office in the Kasese District. It was initiated by a team of 4 professionally qualified and experienced Board members in relevant fields for rural development. The organization has later been joined by more 17 technical teams some of whom have been engaged in the field of grass root development in the last five years. IDMC operates at National level and its head office located in Kasese district. Currently it has organized 80 farmer Groups with minimum membership of 30 farmers per group. These Groups come together to achieve economy of large scale production under the organizational principles. This organization (IDMC) was formed in order to address the challenges affecting humanity especially in the sector of Agricultural, Clean Energy, Environmental protection ,Mushroom growing, health and reproductive health, infrastructures, production in the region. These challenges includes: Low level of production and productivity,poor ecological system, Poor quality of crops, Low farm gate prices, Poor marketing linkages and low levels livelihoods, energy inefficiency, poor climatic conditions, disaster and economic empowerment programmes etc.

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  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Prevention

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  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise

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Uganda Relief Fund for COVID-19 Project IDMC is working on the frontlines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the communities we serve in Uganda. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, IDMC partners with 8 clinics and will play a critical role in educational outreach and prevention activities as well as improving our clinical capacity and treating mild to moderate cases. We are proposing urgently sourcing necessary supplies for the coming months to contain and control the spread of the virus and to provide relief and support to those most vulnerable. As the poorest country in East Africa, Uganda faces enormous health challenges on any "normal" day. Its national public health system is profoundly under-resourced, ranking 111 on the Global Health Security (GHS) Index. With the arrival of COVID-19 in Uganda, the issues we are witnessing in developed countries (inadequate healthcare capacity to treat severe respiratory complications, lack of testing kits and limited supplies--masks, sanitizers, etc.) will be many times worse. IDMC is urgently preparing its clinics and working with the Ministry of Health as it finalizes operational plans. We have set critical goals, objectives, and activities for our network and will continue to adjust our plans/priorities as this dynamic situation evolves. Our goals are: 1.) Prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the communities we serve in Uganda 2.) Treat any patient suspected of having coronavirus 3.) Educate the communities we serve in virus mitigation best practices. Long-Term Impact

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  • Launched