Inspired Youth Network (IYN)

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Providing a platform for migrants, returnees and potential migrants with access to experts on entrepreneurial skills


The project will design a web and mobile application for migrants, returnees and potential migrants in Nigeria to connect with experts and acquire entrepreneurial skills.
This will help reduce the rate of crime caused by returnees and potential migrants who are desperate of migrating out of Nigeria. For migrants, the platform will enable them acquire viable skills that would enable them to be skillful and earn a higher income and have a better life.
Furthermore, many potential migrants from Nigeria to Europe migrate through the desert and Mediterranean Sea because it is believed to be cheaper to migrate through the route. The skills acquired by potential migrants trough this project would also help reduce irregular migration to Europe as potential migrants would be skillful to make more income and be able to migrate legally.

Target country


Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Human rights

Support needed

  • Raising capital
  • Software development
  • Technical expertise
  • Website design

What we need help with

Inspired Youth Network needs help with expertise for web and mobile application development, as well as fund to mobilize the first group of experts to the platform.

Best way to get in touch

Through email:

Project status

  • Just started