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Online Dashboard showing initiatives beating COVID19 globally. Cluster by org/aid/geo/type


Ida Brusewits Chief Editor at Dagens Industri encouraged me to apply. In the link, you see an online monitor from Gavagai displaying candidates for the USA election.

 Our team has collected +2.4 million articles focused on the COVID19 (topic). The goal is a web app that cuts through data like a swiss army knife. Where you could find relevant insights without a CS degree. Where you could visualize and compare positive actions/articles from NGOs in Ghana vs Nigeria. where you could view sentiment shifts over time across industries to see when industries in a specific nation hit a breaking point where the majority of the reporting is of more negative nature. And any other thing the users imagine within the framework. If Gavagai can monitor the USA election or customer reviews and track what drives satisfaction, why can’t we track what motivates and makes people healthy and happy during the crisis

Ideas for maintenance and upgrades over time are a Wikipedia model resting on donations or an Ad based model with an ad council. The “Information wants to be free” is flipped to Insights deserves to be accessible.

Target country


Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Information
  • Other
  • Prevention
  • Research
  • Tracking
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Bootstrapping
  • Exposure
  • Raising capital
  • Sales
  • Website design

What we need help with

Right now funds are the most pressing need. We have struggled to meet investors due to COVID19 and many early investors that expressed an interest have been forced to protect other investments they made rather than focus on new ventures. The team needs to raise: Gavagai 50.000 SEK (basic cost Gavagai Monitor) + 25.000 SEK (Gavagai Monitor monthly fee) the market value of services above is normally +250.000 recurring monthly VNTRS + 39.000 VNTRS Product Manager 55 hrs This would be sufficient to take the version 1.0 online. Företagsekonomiska Institute (FEI) and Dagens Industri have expressed an interest in our findings. But a relevant partner could just as well be Postkodlotteriet an aid donor that each year chooses between initiatives to invest in. A front end developer would be invaluable specifically that has experience with D3 or tableau.

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Project status

  • In Progress