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To care for Covid-19 patients we need more Intensive Care Units.


To care for Covid-19 patients we need more Intensive Care Units. In our region we have not reached the peak and the occupation of the Intensive Care Units is at 90%. We are on red alert.
Currently in Colombia there is a shortage of beds for hospitalization and intensive care. With the virus’s spread rate and projections, the Colombian Health System faces an unprecedented challenge.
According to the definition of experts, critically ill patients end up in intensive care that requires continuous monitoring, medical assistance and a permanent nursing professional, as well as highly specialized equipment. The complicated thing is that all the beds in the Intensive Care Units ( ICU) are not fully available: most continue to be occupied by chronic or medically complicated patients, taking into account that they are concentrated in the most important cities and in most populated regions of Colombia. There are many medium-sized cities that do not have an ICU. There are many Covid-19 patients who already require a bed in intensive care. And what is happening to patients suffering from other pathologies, for example heart attacks, who also need a place in intensive care units.
Patients with coronavirus are disputing the availability of Intensive Care Units. If the current growth rate is maintained and isolation and self-care measures do not continue to work, the virus will continue to spread and the demand for beds in intensive care units will continue to grow.
The weighted percentage of ICU occupancy without the appearance of COVID-19 is 90%. For this reason, an increase in Intensive Care Units is proposed, where we already have a built infrastructure, an accredited institution that is distinguished by its compliance with international standards for the provision of high-quality services and trained medical personnel. There is a physical infrastructure in excellent condition, which would be used for the assembly of the Intensive Care Units, which reach 15 units in their initial expansion.

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It would be investment capital and working capital as follows: Investment Capital: USD 109,515 of 8 Intensive Care Units each at a cost of USD 36,505. Working Capital: USD 97,920 For 8 Intensive Care Units for four months at an occupancy rate of 80%. So the total request would be: 207,435 USD

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