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Alleviation of gender based violence by restructuring of worldviews and ideologies through training & capacity building.


Since 2016, Great Link International has been working through a structured community empowering of the girl child on basic education, life skills, public health and menstrual hygiene through capacity building and training. The apparent dynamics in the society especially on the challenges facing women has led to need to lobby for equity in the distribution of resources, prevention of and response to gender based violence and economic empowerment of women and the girl child. By extension, this project endeavors to identify the psycho-social, economic and physical effects gender based violence has on women, including the socio-cultural factors that promote the same in the rural areas of North Rift region in Kenya.
The project’s main goal is to pursue its commitment to foster sustained, widespread changes in attitudes, practices and beliefs about gender power relations in order to further the girl-child as well as the women’s rights. In an effort to achieve this, Great Link International has developed a structured process that re-socializes and encultures the attitudes, perceptions and worldviews that inhibit women rights in the society.

In order to bring about the desired change that promotes the rights and privileges of women and girl-child, this project will go a long way in the facilitation of tailor-made and largely focused training material for women, the girl-child and the boy-child who are expected to be sensitized to become the desired change agents to the existing perception, worldviews and attitude that promote and perpetuate gender-based violence and discrimination in the society. There shall be continuous lobbying and campaigning sessions on gender equality in asset allocation for the girl child in the male chauvinistic society. We are alive to the fact that poverty is one of the key causes of discrimination and vulnerability towards exploitation and discrimination against women and the girl-child generally. This undertaking shall foster a significant increase in women’s participation in social, economic and political representation, other than playing a pivotal role in decision-making processes that could promote women’s rights in policy documents and practice.

The following are the objectives of the project:
 Development of a structured, informed and standard training material to sensitize the boy-child on need to protect and defend the rights of women and girls in the society
 Structured tailor-made training of the women, ‘girl child’ and ‘boy child’ on their rights and privileges to act as the change agent.
 Continuous lobbying and campaigning on equality in fixed asset allocation for the girl child in the male chauvinist society.
 Development of documentaries to give a clear picture of the status quo and the vital areas that need further input in order to save women and the ‘girl child’.
 Offer professional and competent psycho-social support to the victims of gender based violence and sexual abuse.

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Great Link International as an NGO is in dire need of funds so as to fully realize the goal and objectives of this project. The following are the specified areas of the project that need support:  Development of an informed and tailor-made training material for women, girl-child and boy-child so that they can be the change agents on the perception, worldview and attitude that foster gender-based violence in the society @ $1544.46.  5 Laptops for training and capacity building @ $ 335.19 each, totaling $ 1675.95.  4 Video Recording Apparatus for the development of documentaries on the impact of gender-based violence on women and the girl-child @ $ 310.37.  3 Venues for training and capacity building @ 1698.66 for 10 days.  Coordination and Administration $ 671.65.  Psycho-social support services @ $ 7.56 per session totaling $ 756.23.  Transport, stationary and refreshments for trainees @ 1509.44 per day totaling $15094.33. TOTAL - $20210.89 N/B: Amount is in dollars at an exchange rate of $1 = Ksh. 106.

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Please get in touch with us through either of the following:+2540202519758 or

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