Home Grown Feeding Initiative

Short description

A rural youth farm-to-table project supplementing school feeding for 270 vulnerable children


Two of the most significant challenges Saint Lucia faces are common ones for Caribbean small island developing states: high levels of youth unemployment (above 40 per cent) and vulnerability of agricultural production to climate change and climate variability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of a robust and resilient food system that functions in all circumstances, and is capable of ensuring access to a sufficient supply of affordable food for citizens. It has also made us acutely aware of the interrelations between our health, ecosystems, supply chains, consumption patterns and planetary boundaries.
The Project will make available approximately 1 acre of family land for the establishment of a community supported youth farm-to-table project which will employ 10 young persons and which will supplement the local school feeding programmes, providing 270 schoolchildren within the local community with food that is safe, diverse, nutritious, and above all local.
Long Term Impact
The benefits of this are evident and manifold. The schools provide local farmers with a predictable outlet for their products, leading to a stable income, more investments and higher productivity. The children enjoy healthy, diversified food; this makes it more likely that they will stay in school, perform better and improve their adult job prospects. At the community level, the Home Grown School Feeding initiative promotes nutrition education and better eating habits, and encourage the diversification of production with a special emphasis on local crops. Community involvement, in turn, enhances the sustainability of the programme.

Target country

Saint Lucia

Project type

  • Community
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Impact Support
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Need help with raising funds for soil preparation and drainage as part of the expansion of the farm operation and the rehabilitation of a wooden structure which sits on the property to allow for the set-up of a kitchen that meets all the necessary health codes and certification.

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Project status

  • Just started