Happy Children (HAPCHI)

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To Build Resilience of 700 PLHIV in Luanshya to Socio-Economic Shocks that arise from the HIV & AIDS and COVID-19


Zambia has continued recording surging cases of over 1000 confirmed covid-19 infections daily with the death toll on a daily basis happening to over 60 victims of the pandemic including brought in dead (BIDs) cases. A country with a fragile economy coupled with local and international debt. The COVID-19 pandemic has instigated a slump in the country’s economy with the government indicating that the country will record negative growth this year. The shrinking economy has also resulted in the local currency, the Kwacha, depreciating significantly, a situation that has resulted in the skyrocketing of prices of essential commodities. Pushing poverty to unprecedented levels, in turn household hunger is predominantly a daily occurrence among communities in Zambia. To limit human-to human contact, the government has come up with preventive measures to counter the pandemic, one of them is the stay at home, that has contributed to restricted livelihood activities and movements in order to contain, the deadly corona virus, though positive move, it has tremendously brought in far-reaching socio-culture and economic consequences to vulnerable population such as PLHIV
These constraints and challenges have significant implications on the health of vulnerable communities in Zambia especially People living with HIV (PLHIV). Poverty induced household hunger has grown to unprecedented levels as most of the people in the community can no longer make day to day earnings from petty jobs they used to as most of the time they stay at home. The danger PLHIV face in the event that hunger continues among them, is likely that ART adherence and viral load suppression will be compromised and ultimately result death of PLHIV.
Another challenges include limited livelihood initiatives among PLHIV- if left unchecked likely may allow persistence hunger among the target population even even in post Covid-19 period, Low compliance of the individuals and community to recommended public health measures is still evident f not acted upon this likely may exacerbate COVID-19 infections and deaths
HAPCHI is rooted in the community for the community, we fully understand the challenges that are in the communities we operate in., therefore the challenge of hunger is real. PLHIV are hungry. We seek to support 700 PLHIV (male and female aged 15-49) in Luanshya, Zambia

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  • Food
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Happy Children is requesting a grant 0f intervention and project support to carry out the mentioned activities. The grant of $15,000 from Action Against Corona will be used to cover the following cost: • Critical program enablers’ (Stakeholders) meeting • Identification of beneficiaries • Awareness Raising on Covid-19 (WhatsApp, Facebook and SMSs) Promoting correct use of PPE, Hand Hygiene Management and distribution to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like pandemic flu in the catchment areas through provision of appropriate communication and messaging at individual, household and community levels. • Purchase and Provision of Food Packs • Purchase and Provision of PPE • Purchase and Provision of vegetable Seeds for PLHIV Gardening initiatives • Conducting Motivational (WhatsApp, Facebook and SMSs) depicting real life livelihood, and sharing of information/experiences that will not only attain to short-term, but will also lay ground for long term sustainability for the purpose of opening access to affordable nutrition diet diversification at individual and household levels. • Monitoring and Evaluation (Through collection of data at each level of the activities to meet the related indicators that will reported on)

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dimaspeterm8@gmail.com or call on +260 963923126

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  • Launched