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A 'gamified' approach to media literacy


Hakiki411 is a game app, similar to BBC’s iReporter, with a social media-like news feed, where
users are asked which posts they’d like to share, like or fact-check. Users can log into the game
using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or play anonymously (using a Guest account).

Players either “Share,” “Like,” or “Fact-check” a post, and after they click one of these, they find
out whether the article came from a legitimate or click bait source. This ‘gamified’ approach lets
users score points by sharing content from credible news outlets and by fact-checking
questionable sources. Depending on the players’ ability to spot false stories, their “skill” rating
increases or decreases.

Most of the news consumers and online users in East Africa appreciate continuous feedback in order to understand whether the news item was from a legitimate or clickbait source. This has been the case with the outbreak of COVID-19 news and information out there. With this in mind, these features are included in the game as users are reminded which of their choices are wrong, both during and after their session. In this way, Hakiki411 hopes to stimulate behavior change by prompting users to question the validity and reliability of a news item’s source, with the overall aim of contributing to a more honest information ecosystem.

Since the game uses diversified media with news items, which are updated on a continuous basis, it can be a robust way to consume news. Most people do not always have time to seek out information to improve their media literacy or help to combat mis/disinformation, which is why the gamified approach works so well. Hakiki411 entices people because of the ability to learn while having fun. Since the app is easy-to-use, improving media literacy is enjoyable yet digestible.

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  • Community
  • Education
  • Information
  • Transparency

Support needed

  • Communications
  • Exposure
  • Marketing
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

My team and I already made a prototype (Android App) but yet to publish (available on request). We are seeking funds to ensure we deliver to the public a 100% finished product; 1. Cloud Hosting, Google G-Suite (Collaboration tools) & SSL features (Annual) - USD 1,800 2. Local Communication Regulations, Licenses & Permits Fees (Annual) - USD 200 3. Personnel (Help-desk & DevOps Teams) & Consultants (6 months) - USD 2,000 4. Marketing (Social Media, Radio and Newspapers) (3 months) - USD 1,000 TOTAL AMOUT REQUEST: USD 5,000 Above budget is for 6 months to kick start the project but henceforth we hope to sustain our project through paid-adverts on the app and website and offer additional premium features like dual players or locked features.

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  • Just started