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Gadget Zone is a Business to Consumer type of business.We import our gadgets from Asia and input the content locally.


Gadget zone is our ecommerce platform tailored for gadgets home and business where we made it easier for customers to order for their gadgets online and have it delivered to their doorstep within 24hrs.

We currently have a database of over 10,000 clients.We have used digital marketing strategies making use of social media to engage and get daily conversions on our Ecommerce store.We sell gadgets for fitness,home learning,entertainment as well as health and wellness.We have already received orders as far as Kampala.We believe we have the ability to scale across East Africa.

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  • Other

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  • Raising capital

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We need help with funding.The funds will enable us to increase our inventory as well as handle operational expenses.We have unfortunately had to downscale and lay off some of our staff.The funds will not only bring back our staff but will also go a long way in creating more youth jobs from poor communities whom we will train to work in various departments such as Digital Marketing,Sales,Logistics,Customer service and order fulfillment.

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  • In Progress