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Restriction of movement due to Covid-19 has left Zambians without food or school equipment.


62% of Zambia’s population live off less than $2 a day. Thus many people are daily workers who are only able to provide food for their families if they’ve been able to earn that day. The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted people’s movements and therefore inhibits their ability to earn. Malalo Sports have been working continuously in the Copperbelt province to provide opportunities for young people through sport and, in doing so, create community cohesion and mentoring young people to steer them away from high risk decision-making. The sport has stopped due to lockdown however Malalo Sports has remained in contact and become aware that many of the families are struggling to survive as the restriction of movement has prevented local families from being able to work and they are therefore unable to provide for their families. The families would be able to get through this time adequately (and able to stay safe) if they are able to receive funding for food and school equipment so that the kids can continue to learn whilst in self-isolation.

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The programme is currently seeking a small amount of funding ($2000) to be able to provide food and educational supplies to the project participants in the Copperbelt Province in Zambia as lockdown is inhibiting the families from working to provide these essentials for their families. The pandemic has provided a specific need during this time which will lessen once lockdown measures begin to ease.

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