Fixing Fragile Families.

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A new lockdown in Kenya: schools are closed. Children in high risk families even more vulnerable.


Tushinde means ‘we are succeeding’ in Swahili.
We are based in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and work with children living really tough lives in families that are on the edge.
Our qualified social workers look for the children that have fallen through the gaps; those that are at risk of ending up on the streets, in harmful institutions, or worse.
Our team work with the family in crisis to problem solve. Every family is unique and have different challenges that need tailor made care. Our aim is to get, or keep, the child in school, to work with the family to build a healthy home environment and ultimately to reverse the cycle of poverty and neglect that that family find themselves in.

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  • Education
  • Food
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  • Wellbeing

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  • Raising capital

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Our project works. We see results and give children hope. The main challenge to our work from the pandemic has been that, by closing schools, these children lose a vital lifeline of food, education and safety. Our work starts becoming undone. With additional support, we can keep to our commitment to child protection and safeguarding for these highly vulnerable children and ensure they emerge from this pandemic stronger, not damaged.

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  • Just started