Fighting against the Spread of Covid19 at Perches

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Presentation of the Initiative, the District of Perches is inhabited by 20000 people where there is no Health Center.


In the prevention project against the Spread of the disease covid19 in the perches community , we are going to target the types of problems such as:
1) Spreading the message to avoid mass of people and body contacts as possible b
2)Using Ads sport and Radio and flyers in some specific places to attract the attention of the population;
3)Distributing Hand sanitizer, cover-nose Soaps, Clorox and buckets as sanitary material;
4) using billboards and presentation of some Sanitary Agents to convict the people turn away from the old practice face to Covid19 disease.

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  • Prevention

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What we need help with

OFLP( Organisation des Femmes en Lutte des Perches) It is located at Perches where it works in the struggle for the respect of the rights of women and children in the society. Day and night the Organization works so hard in a way to see how the population is implicated in the fighting for Equity, Equality and Social Inclusion. It realized a lot of activities in the concern of the young people and adults in the protection of the environment. It doesn't stop fighting against the infectious diseases specially in favor of women, girls and mothers. Because of the lack of economic growth in the community, by lack of jobs and governmental assistance, OFLP is in difficulty to realize its goals in this pandemic moment. Because of that, Organization OFLP feels very touched to address you just to receive a grant from your Institution you manage, as it is due to help fighting the such a disease. Covid19 is spreading to our community, and no really Health Center to receive care of the disease, meanwhile most of the population claims they have a severe fever. There's no test to determine exactly if it is Covid19 or not. The population is living with unquiet. As we see the cases are getting worse, it's very sense to us to join you just to see how you can help save the population by a project based on prevention. We believe that you will take of our consideration.

Best way to get in touch

The best way to get in touch is through mail. With it we can communicate easily and share images, videos and texts according to the activities of the project. The email is:

Project status

  • In Progress