Feeding a rural Malagasy family

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Help 500 vulnerable rural families affected by Covid-19 to reduce malnutrition and hunger.


Help provide food to 500 families in need. Many families have not had to do their jobs for five months because of the Covid-19. Today is back to school, but many families and students did not eat regularly before going to school. So hunger and malnutrition threatened in this region. These families are in urgent need of assistance.

– Action:
In this region: Over 1 million people live below the poverty line and earn less than $ 1.00 per day. They live hand to hand; earning money overnight just enough to feed themselves and their families that day, and when COVID-19 stops it all, they are the first to be affected the most: their income is gone, they are not have nothing now. They have no income or savings, the whole family is starving. But back to school starts today. So, these families urgently need assistance.
As part of the emergency aid from the Gasy Mifanohana Association, around 500 beneficiary families will receive assistance in very inaccessible areas, where the market structure is not well established or functional and where the mechanisms distribution of cash are less feasible.
Due to the urgency of humanitarian aid and given the processing and transport delays, the Gasy Mifanohana Association offers to purchase the following food products: rice, oil, powdered milk and legumes from rural markets where prices are cheaper compared to urban markets.

– Objective of the AGM
We are timely delivering packages of vital supplies to 500 households, including rice, vegetables, powdered milk and oil. Each package costs around $ 25 and feeds a hungry family. Thus the objective of the Gasy Mifanohana Association is to help and save the lives of vulnerable families against malnutrition and famine. This is the slogan of the AGM: “Stan-up, sharing, love one another”.

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