Feed the poor low income families in Grand Prairie

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To prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food support to 700 poor low income families in Grand Prairie, Texas


In Grand Prairie, Texas, many poor low income families including elderly women, men, children and veterans have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. These families finds it difficult to meet their daily basic food needs causing considerable hunger and malnutrition especially among children. By giving them access to food, many lives will be saved curtailing the issue of hunger, malnutrition and more importantly preventing the issue of suicides and deaths.

Target country

United States

Project type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Operations
  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

The Fountain of Blessings for Nations (FOBNA) is seeking funding support to procure and distribute food to about 700 poor low income families in Grand Prairie, Texas and as well procure 500 whites canes to aid the mobility and independents of the blind union members in Ghana.

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Project status

  • In Progress