Feed a Nigerian Rural child, stop COVID19 impact

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The project will provide nourishing meals to 200 Rural vulnerable children for for efficient growth and development.


The lockdown triggered by COVID-19 have led to disruption in health, nutrition, food aid, school feeding, safety net/social protection and Early Childhood Development services with high impacts on the vulnerable groups. Like many other African countries, there was concern of nutrition situation in Nigeria before the COVID-19 pandemic. Stunting and wasting rates were 37% and 7% respectively.(Govt.Nigeria,may 2020)

This project will collaborate with local food recipe suppliers, make bulk purchases and distribute to Rural women of low economic background. It will also engage the services of professional nutritionists who will train and guide mothers on preparation and combination that will supply the required nourishment for optimum growth and development.

Long-Term Impact
The children will recieve adequate nourishment that enhance cognitive function. This helps facilitate growth and development in cognisance with age, and improve body immunity to fight diseases. Also improve learning and school performances. Thus, growing into adults that contribute meaningfully in the society. Mothers’ knowledge will also help the family’s daily menu and passed unto the children.

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  • Community
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Impact Support
  • Wellbeing

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  • Raising capital

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Needs help with raising fund to execute the project plans

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  • Just started