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Help to provide food for 165 families in urgent need! In lockdown, Indonesian daily-wage workers' families are in hunger


Help to provide food for 165 families in urgent need! In lockdown, Indonesian daily-wage workers’ families are in hunger! We serve those living hand-to-mouth, those suffer the most from the sudden loss in income due to COVID-19 pandemic. They have no savings, no assets and now no income! Hunger is a more immediate threat to them than the virus. With $20, you provide 1 life-saving food packages to a starving family in urgent need!

There are 2.4 millions of people in Indonesia living below the poverty line, earning less than USD$1.00 a day. They live hand-to-mouth; making money day by day only enough to feed themselves and their family for that day, and when COVID-19 stops everything, they are the first to be impacted mostly: their income is gone, they have nothing now. They have no income and no savings, the whole family is starving. These families are in urgent need of assistance.

The Mustard Seed Mission has long cooperated with local partners, serving hundreds of vulnerable families in Indonesia . For the urgent need of life issues now amid the COVID-19 epidemic; we deliver timely life-saving supply packages for 165 households, including rice, eggs, instant noodles, milk powders, and oil. Each package costs around $20 and feed a starving family.

▍Long-Term Impact
The supplies will be given to 165 daily wages families in Jakarta and nearby rural areas, nearly 1,000 people will be fed. For those who have less or nothing, they don’t need to sacrifice more to keep themselves and their family alive. Before the epidemic wanes, save lives from starvation.

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  • Community
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  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
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  • Raising capital

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Support in the form of donations or grants to expand our operating budget so that we may reach as many communities in need as possible.

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