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Develop a mobile digital solution facilitating safe access to medical services to all patients in a COVID-19 context.


In order to reduce considerably people jam into bank branches and useless walking to the bank, Obertys has developed a mobile digital solution allowing, remotely, the banking customers to geo-locate the entire banking network, to know the available services and operations in branches that are nearby, the number of people present in each branch and take a waiting ticket or an appointment remotely. The customers may even provide the type of operation and other related information to the bank in advance before arriving at a branch, have the route to the selected branch and know the approximate waiting time.

Obertys wants to extend the system to the health sector and allow the public to be able to access medical services and specialties and identify all nearby doctor’s offices, medical centers or hospitals that are providing that specialty.
The project objectives are to facilitate the safe access to care by reducing the load in hospitals which are already very overloaded or appeasing the non Covid-19 patients who are reluctant to go to the health care centers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This same module may also be used to self-report a suspected case and allow registered Covid treatment centers to contact you. Patients may also take an appointment at COVID-19 test centers and tests centers may control physical presence through an online queue management or appointment system. Patients who walk in the health centers may also be registered in the system by the health centers’ staff in charge of reception equipped with tablets.
The business model is structured around the fees advertisers will pay to present their medically related products and structures in the online platform, as well as enrollment fees for private medical offices and pharmacies.

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  • Healthcare
  • Prevention
  • Tracking

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  • Exposure
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

1. Equipment for health centers: 48 214 US Dollars 20 Laptops (Windows) 20 Tablest (Android) 20 Android TVs 20 Ticket printers 2. Working capital - Project staff salaries (for 3 months): 321 697 US Dollars - Consultants: 32 143 US Dollars - Other operational costs: 94 312 US Dollars

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  • In Progress