Face Shields for East Africa

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Face Shields for Uganda aims to produce necessary PPE for healthcare workers out of recycled plastic waste


Despite advanced recycling technology, only 10% of global waste is recycled. In East Africa specifically, plastic waste has inundated communities with trash, and 85% of waste ends up in natural habitats. Furthermore, with inadequate stockpiles of personal protective equipment and fragile health care infrastructure (e.g. 1 intensive care bed per 100,000 people), Uganda is not equipped to handle a substantial COVID-19 outbreak. This is a problem we can fix. Eco Brixs and GLI will repurpose plastic waste to create high-quality, affordable face shields. This will not only clean up the community, supplement the incomes of over 3,000 people, and recycle thousands of tons of plastic, but also protect Uganda’s frontline workers against contracting and spreading COVID-19 that has changed the face of the world as we know it.

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Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Climate
  • Community
  • Healthcare
  • Nature
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We are looking to raise $15,000 USD to scale our operation so we can make more of an impact, and help more of East Africa's health care workers.

Best way to get in touch

Email: dannyrubin1997@gmail.com

Project status

  • In Progress