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Shareable patient managed health care record repository which would enable physicians to collaborate cross institutions.


EpideMed is an online medical record hosting service built on a JS and IBM Cloud platform that will allow physicians and medical staff to collaborate and keep track of their patients’ information while keeping their identity hidden. This will be completed by using IBM cloud API such as blockchain, analytics, and Kaggle Data for predictions. All this would be applied right now to quickly diagnose pneumonia from XRays and when connected with other apps which allow accessing location history if permitted would help practitioners pinpoint potential areas of contagion for the current Covid19 Crisis.

This project was developed as a tool for managing and organizing medical digital records, with the capability of sharing them while keeping the patients’ information safely hidden so that medical staff can use them for collaboration, recruiting, learning accountability, and credibility. Even though there are multiple managed records hosting services online, there is a lack of focus towards the global medical community as an institution agnostic where professionals learn across borders.

Enabling physicians to collaborate would advance the medical industry into the future by allowing better global communication and mutual support among professionals. Diagnostics would take less time; they would be more precise and reliable with Watson. A platform such as this one would help physicians diagnose patients for complex cases, rare diseases, or uncommon illnesses. It would also allow physicians to showcase their skills, talents, and ability to prestigious institutions and patients. Thus, increasing accountability, feedback among professionals, and sharing of knowledge, such as Github did for the Computer Science Community.

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  • Healthcare
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  • Prevention
  • Transparency
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What we need help with

I need help finishing and improving the product, as well as then making it available to hospitals so they start using it to impact society positively.

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  • In Progress