Enhancing sustainability for NGOS during COVID

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Actions for NGOS to deal with COVID-19: Quick response to boost their impact & fundraising plus Organizational strategy.


The financial consequences of COVID-19 increase over time as nonprofits postpone their income-generating events and support programs, donors reduce or cancel their donations, corporate sponsorships are reduced, and government entities cancel support programs. Due to this, we generated a compendium of tools for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), called “Emerging tools to face COVID for CSOs”, these will allow a positive change in the situation since both the objectives and the projects of the organizations will have a greater impact and will make way for their compliance and their alignment to the 2030 AGENDA through the use of technologies, in a faster and more effective way. We have shared financing opportunities, webinars, technological tools, and probono legal assistance, enabling organizations to shorten the learning curve in this rapidly evolving environment without having a set course. This tool was originally designed for Mexico, however, it fills us with motivation to know that it has also been shared in Latin American countries and has allowed them to access emerging financing and generate collaborative initiatives, reaching more than 500 organizations in different countries.

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We believe that with these tools we can promote CSOs to be stronger and more durable, able to work proactively to build more sustainable and viable operating models in a post-coronavirus environment. Despite being a non-profit CSO, we need funding for this project, since with this we will be able to send the manual the manual to more organizations and we will conduct workshops that help CSOs leverage the knowledge and resources of the 2030 Agenda to maximize impact and their efforts. In the same way, we will help organizations to maximize the resources limited by the pandemic and to continue allowing sustainable development. Only by working together can we create an opportunity to move forward in this fight against the global pandemic. Below we explain the importance of financing for this project. 1.-Measuring the impact of the project: measuring the impact of the project is vital so that civil society can contribute to broadening the social base and reaching vulnerable sectors where challenges still remains on remote communities and with minority groups. In this way, if we quantify data collection, generate indicators and properly monitor the project, legitimacy is acquired through specific processes. In this sense, the generation of reports, documents and other resources by CSOs are an important input for the fulfillment of its objectives, thus increasing the impact and scope of its actions. 2.-Current CSO situation: There are situations in which the different sectors of civil society are about to close their doors due to a lack of financing or tools that can help them find it, working in isolation with specific actions on certain topics. Relevant to the SDGs, they can achieve a notable improvement to their current situation. One of the relevant roles of civil society lies in helping to move the project to the local level. Civil society plays a critical role in identifying crucial development priorities at the local level and in encouraging and accompanying the implementation of the agenda in cities and local territories. The role of civil society is very important in these cases since the people who depend on their help are in a critical situation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 3.-Workshops. A space dedicated to the teaching of virtual workshops, properly designed to potentiate the opportunities and projects of organizations to higher levels, we will provide well-structured, coherent information and solid knowledge, in this way organizations will be able to share their projects, their scope and how they relate to the work of the SDGs. This effort will facilitate the generation of new alliances for joint work and avoid duplication of efforts that have the same purpose.

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Via email (jezy.espina@redecim.org.)

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