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The recent lock downs in Uganda has created unemployment among the unemployed persons with disabilities


People with disabilities often face difficulty transitioning to work, as they lack necessary skills to perform efficiently in the job market and face discrimination from employers because of their gender and impairments. People with Disabilities in rural areas of Uganda, Luuka district Inclusive lack the necessary skills to perform competitively in the job market and face discrimination from employers based on their disability. This project will provide scope for acquiring certain ICT skills for people with Disabilities living in Luuka district to compete in the job market.This project will improve the quality of their lives, enhance their dignity as individuals and work their way out of poverty, unemployment and ignorance by providing them with ICT based professional capacity to exercise equal employment and business opportunities by using their ICT skills.

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Project type

  • Alleviation

Support needed

  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

The Organization seeks USD 5,000 to set up an ICT Project in Luuka District, Eastern Uganda. The funds shall be used to procure ICT accessories such as 05 Desktop computers for training purposes, a photocopier and furniture. By setting up an ICT project, over 100 Persons With Disabilities will gain skills and knowledge in computer applications and be able to earn a living during this period of COVID 19

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  • Just started