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To mobilize and organize local youths into gold mining, forestry, horticulture and wildlife management committees.


Mboroma has no social amenities for the people nor any social infrastructure. The last school or market is about 200km away and all the people in the area are no educated or employed. Due to abundant wildlife, timber and gold deposits, the local people, especially boys and men are involved in poaching. Some youths work as disorganized gold miners who are mostly cheated out of economic prices. There is rampant early child marriage and child labor. Sine there is no health centre within 120km radius, the local people have been terribly affected by Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and knowledge of proper health care. There is no Covid-19 information centre. The area is mountainous and there is no road. Only higher vehicles (4Wheel drive) access the area. Food is the most difficult item to get hence, the easiest way of life is poaching and other illegalities. The nearest forestry, wildlife, agriculture or social welfare department offices to provide a service to the local people are about 250km away. Since the region is mountanous, farming is very difficult even if there are a lot of riers ad stream running out of the mountains and hills areound, there is no nar source of farmingn inputs for the people to practice farming. Thise who do travel 250km on truck to fetch inputs and other necesssities.
This project therefore intends to mobilize and organize the local gold miners into cooperatives and empowering them with equipment and knowledge to legalise their operations to access economic markets for their produce.Enhance the presence wildlife offciers and deliberate introduce forestry, agriculture and communitydevelopment and social welfare officers, as well as teachers and medical staff close to the people. I hope to do this by cooperating with relevant government departmens responsible for human needs to work in the area by building a 1x 5 block of offices to house these government officers in the area next to my own office. I intend to venture into gold mining, agriculture and attract other people interested in wildlife management or other to come to the area. This, I hope to achieve by mobilizing and empowering illegal gold miners with portable gold detectors and shaking tables to increase their efficiency in production. Once they produce the gold, I shall buy it at whole sale price as I also do my own gold mining. I shall invite the Bank of Zambia with their security to be collecting the produce into the national gold reserves and market it on behalf, so that the state can also benefit tax to use in further development of the area. The local gold miners shall thus be empowered with with capacity, market value-chains and exposed to mining workshops to increase efficiency. The women and girls shall be empowered with fish farming, beekeeping, chicken and goat rearing, horticulture and trading etc., as Income Generating Activities (IGAs). IN this way, food security shall be increased in the area even for my proposed mine workers. I shall also set up an integrated aquaculture farm and create an out grower scheme to create market value-chain for local producers. A bore-hole shall be suck where appropriate to provide clean drinking water to the local people as they depend on shallow wells and drinking direct from the rivers and streams around. There are no farming clubs hence, the project shall also organize local people to form cooperatives and farming clubs so that they can access help from other service organizations as well. The block of offices shall be crated near to the chief’s palace to enhance security presence as he is always under threat of mob justice when he happens to dissolve child-marriages, and the local people only rush to him when they are oppressed by illegal gold buyers.
The out grower arrange shall target 100 farmers, 5 gold mining cooperatives, 50 traders, and also create a Covid-19 health information centre.

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Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Nature
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Anything
  • Exposure
  • Marketing
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

The organizations needs funds to the tune of US$300,000 to empower: 5 gold mining cooperatives @ US$15,000, set up integrated farm @ US$40,000 with out grower scheme worth US$30,000, 50 traders @ US$5,000 and 1 office block @ US$5,00, Covid-19 Info Centre with food aid to child headed families and old homes @K8,000, E-learning/adult literacy/entertainment/games @US$5,000, Bore-hole @US$4,000, transport and logistics @ 30,000, Salaries and allowance for government officers and development facilitators @US$50,000, Gold mine project at 60 with strong room and security, and royalties to the chief to process for land permits and government licenses at US$15,000. The organization will need some other partners to come on board and help with other community needs. This project shall generate sustainable profits and at the same time, build capacities on poor rural people to raise economic incomes from the created IGAs to fight household poverty and create social mobility.

Best way to get in touch

email: eband2014@yahoo.com, cell phone +260969997570/ +260977880070, skype name eband2014@gmail.com, physical address: No. 2 Chitwemambo Cres. Luanshya, Copperbelt Province, Zambia.

Project status

  • In Progress