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Help the poor Voltarians fight COVD19 and stay healthy in time of COVD19 Pandemic


PROJECT TITTLE: Request for Emergency Relief Support assistance to support the coronavirus pandemic response in the Volta region of Ghana.
The Active Centre for Rural Development (ACRUDEV) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization working actively and in partnership to improve, sustain and preserve the quality of life of the populations in rural Ghana through projects, programmes and interventions initiated by and for targeted beneficiaries.
ACRUDEV was established in the Volta Region of Ghana in the year 2006 and has a vision that is built on the pursuit to be a reputable not-for-profit and a non-state sector operative known for grass-root driven projects and programmes which improve and impact on the lives of poor populations in rural Ghana. Our mission is to work actively and in partnership with like-minded organizations to improve, sustain and preserve the quality of life of the populations in rural Ghana with particular focus on women and children. Consequently, our efforts are premised on the following operational objectives:
• To initiate projects and programmes which provide the basis for economic empowerment and general improvement of lives of the very vulnerable and other target groups.
• To empower communities to be able to determine their own action paths to improving the living conditions of their people particularly women, children and the youth.
• To deepen advocacy on issues on women, children and the youth whiles demonstrating through local partnerships which work for the good of all.
• To raise funds for projects through donations, corporate sponsorships, grants and government funding to drive a transformative agenda of the rural poor in Ghana through systems and strategies which promote active beneficiary participation.
The current outbreak of Corona- virus disease (COVID-19) got reported first from Wuhan, china on December – 2019.
Corona virus disease (COVID- 19) is an infectious disease cause by a new virus that, had not been previously identified in human. COVID-19 has been declared as pandemic by WHO due to the alarming levels of spread and seventy. Till date there is no specific medicine to treat or prevent COVID-19.
The outbreak of new corona virus disease (COVID- 19) is causing respiratory illness worldwide prompting the WHO to declare the condition as global pandemic. The virus is global health problem and has infected over 5.5 Million people in 190 counties resulting is 34500 deaths. In Ghana, so far about (70830) people are infected with 34 deaths.
The outbreak in Ghana is already affecting economics and financial markets around the country and beyoung. While governments try to navigate the fine line between being prepared and settling off panic, the economic costs are growing as country and communities try to control the spread of the disease.
Unfortunately Ghana will be unable to contain COVID 19 pandemic and manage the cases, without external support, health infrastructure is like to collapse and many lives lost.
The virus is rapidly spreading and very complicated to manage as severe cases require isolation and intensive care unit (ICU) services.
Ghana is characterized by:
(i) Weak health systems and infrastructure (overcrowded and poorly equipped hospitals, overworked health staff, inadequate laboratory capacity, inadequate personal protective gears, lack of isolation facilities and limited intensive care units (ICUs))
(ii) (ii) High prevalence of comorbidities that weaken immune systems like HIV and AIDS, maternal illness and malaria are likely to increase risk of infection (iii) High levels of poverty associated with population ill health and low access to quality health care. And since Volta Region is the poorest region in Ghana, it needs emergency relief assistance to be able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and manage the cases.
Against this background in mind, that ACRUDEV has taken this responsibility to request for emergency relief assistance from your outfit to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic and manage the cases in the Volta Region.
The Objectives
The main goal of this project is to strengthen the capacity of health workers to contain the spread of the COVID-19 and mitigate its impacts.
The specific objectives are:
1) To build capacity of Health Workers to prevent, rapidly detect, investigate, contain and manage detected cases of COVID-19;
2) To equip Health Workers to be able put in place robust containment measures within 48 hours of COVID19 case confirmation;
3) To strengthen District, Municipal and Regional level coordination of the COVID-19 readiness activities by all stakeholders;
4) To ensure that Volta Region implement a minimum readiness capacity package for COVID-19;
5) To provide accurate information on risk and engage communities to increase public awareness;
6) To conduct monitoring and evaluation of the preparedness and readiness capacities using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
4.2 The Emergency Relief Assistance Description
The project will focus on building capacities and capabilities of Health Workers to promptly detect and contain the spread of the COVID 19. The ACRUDEV will identify target Districts, Municipalities and provide their details when submitting final reports.
The main interventions are: (i) Capacity Building on infection prevention, testing and case management; (ii) Surveillance system; (iii) purchasing and distributing laboratory test kits and reagents; (iv) Purchasing and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) (v) Supporting coordination mechanism at Districts,Municipal and regional levels. Detailed descriptions of interventions are presented in the budget and logical framework.
4.3 The Operation cost
The Organization is expected to contribute USD 152,000 to finance this operation as an emergency humanitarian support.
The grant will contribute towards USD 190,000 ACRUDEV Preparedness and Response Plan. Other partners including Ghana Health Services and some major hospital are also supporting this plan. The operation costs are based on estimates. The total cost of the organization-financed and the detailed cost of goods and services presented in the project budget.
Summary of Project cost by category of expenditure (USD



Laboratory support – Test Kits and consumables: Supply of reagents, probes, primers and other supplies, PPE kits, supplies for isolation in major hospitals. = USD$90000


Enhance surveillance system (Dissemination of reporting tool, Adaptation of the FFX protocol-First Few Cases and their contact- Training of health workers and lab staff, dissemination of guidelines for clinical management, Coordination USD$=62000
Grand Total =USD$ 15200

a) Implementation arrangement
The ACRUDEV will be responsible for financial management of this project and will use it in accordance with its regulations and administrative guidelines (which are acceptable to the Organization) to exclusively finance emergency operations of COVID-19. The ACRUDEV will deduct an administrative cost of not more than 7% from this grant.
The Organization and ACRUDEV will sign a Letter of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant, as well as the responsibilities and obligations of each party. The administrative fee paid to ACRUDEV shall not exceed 7% percent of the total amount of the grant.
b) Project phases
The project will be implemented for 12 Months in three main components, namely:
1) Strengthen capacity to respond to COVID-19 pandemic
The component 1: includes: Enhanced surveillance system, Training of health workers and lab staff Laboratory support – Test Kits and consumables; reagents, probes, primers and other supplies.

2) Provide adequate case management
The component 2: will includes Dissemination of guidelines for clinical management Provision of PPEs equipment, and supplies for isolation in major hospitals, Training of trainers workshop for health workers on case management of COVID-19

3) Project management and coordination
This component 3: will includes coordinate Districts, Municipal and Regional incident management teams with the technical, operational and logistical support required for effective coordination

1)The Organization’s resources will finance the procurement of goods, services and non-consulting services required to respond to COVID-19 pandemic as indicated in this project budget below.
2) In order to ensure efficient implementation, the procurement will be done in accordance with the provisions of the Procurement Policy for organization funded operations. ACRUDEV will use its own procurement and eligibility rules for all procurement planned under this project as described in the implementation timeline.
3) The ACRUDEV procurement methods and procedures will be its own and the performance control and follow-up mechanisms will be those agreed upon in this proposal.

The Organization will disburse the funds in a single tranche, through direct payment to ACRUDEV designated account (ACRUDEV will provide the details of this account). The following will be the conditions for disbursement: (i) The Organization and ACRUDEV signing the Letter of Agreement (LoA); and (ii) ACRUDEV submitting the relevant account details to the Organization for the grant to be deposited.
Financial Management
The fiduciary responsibilities of grant funds will rest with ACRUDEV, will ensure that the grant resources are efficiently used for their intended purposes
The ACRUDEV will submit a financial statement, as part of the final report, within (12) months of completion of the operation and financial closure. ACRUDEV will submit a written confirmation, encompassing the payment details emanating from its integrated financial management system, from a senior financial officer, authorized to make such certification, certifying that ACRUDEV complied with the terms of the Letter of Agreement.
For visibility requirements, the Organization name and contribution shall appear in the ACRUDEV 2021 consolidated financial report disclosing the list of contributors for the year.
The grant’s funds use will be subject exclusively to the internal and external auditing procedures provided for in the financial regulations, the policies and procedures, and rules & directives of the ACRUDEV as well as to relevant decisions of its governing body.
In this regard, the audited financial statements and auditors report for the year in which the funds are used shall be made available to the Bank within 30 days of being presented.

Implementation Schedule
The ACRUDEV will efficiently implement the project within a period not exceeding 12 months due to the nature of emergency and the associated socio-economic impact. The total implementation period of the project is (12) months, from the date of the Organization approval and release of the grant.
To limit inefficiencies and avoid duplication, ACRUDEV will work closely/collaborate with other relevant health partners. The Region is divided into two (2) major areas for easy work
Reporting and Supervision
The ACRUDEV will submit a final report, containing an operational and a financial section to the Organization within (12) months of completion of the operation and its finance.

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  • Community
  • Healthcare
  • Prevention

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  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We are kindly seeking for funding to help us fund our project as per the project description mentioned above through the Action Against Corona initiative. The amount request is= USD$ 152,000

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Through email and telephone( godwinacrudev@ymail.com/233-248543513/200722734

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  • Just started