Emergency Field Hospital Project, Kenya (KYP,LLC.)

Short description

Free, compassionate and humane hospitals in strategic areas across the country to isolate & quarantine COVID19 patients


The EFH Project aims to create a compassionate, humane and cost-free facility for Kenyans who are unable to cater to their own hospital fees. This is inclusive of a fully funded quarantine facility for those who cannot afford mandatory quarantine fees. Therefore, this project will provide free quarantine, treatment and disposal of the dead for COVID-19 patients.

The purpose of Emergency Field Hospitals is to reduce load and strain on existing health care facilities so they can handle the existing non-COVID-19 caseload, isolate COVID-19 patients to prevent the spread of the virus, adequately treat patients (pulmonary and cardiac equipment) with COVID-19, as well as humanely handle potential casualties. Additionally, the use of Emergency Field Hospitals will increase critical care units, urgently needed for patients with advanced cases needing respiratory assistance. A crisis like this can cripple developing nations like Kenya, who do not have the resources to fight a pandemic. Our aim is to mitigate the negative effects brought about as a result of the virus.

KYP, LLC registered in Houston Texas, Nairobi, Kenya and Windhoek, Namibia, is a consultancy firm that focuses on providing access to and investing in priority sectors and opportunities in developing economies. The company focuses on development, resource control and sovereignty. We have been involved previously in such setups in Ebola prone countries of West Africa among others. A big part of our work is using ethical trade practices to improve developing nations.

Through existing partners, we have the knowledge and experience to serve as a complete, full-service humanitarian procurement, logistics and distribution service provider. We offer competitive pricing on all humanitarian goods and products such as medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceuticals, non-food items (NFI), food items, water, health and sanitation (WASH), maternal child health (MCH), education, shelter and tents, prefabricated/modular buildings, telecommunications, vehicles/transport et al. equipping them with the ability to set up these critical structures in Kenya.

Target country


Project type

  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Prevention
  • Transparency

Support needed

  • Exposure
  • Other
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Due to limited resources in Kenya, we are unable to acquire funding from the State (from which we have received approval from the Ministry of Health, Kenya) to get the project running. We have acquired funds from private individuals and companies to the sum of 200,000 USD and stand at a 800,000 USD deficit, therefore we have not met the prerequisite amount of funds to begin the rollout of the project. Approval of this grant will enable us to provide swift emergency services to vulnerable communities within the Kenyan population as cases in Kenya are increasingly on the rise.

Best way to get in touch

Email ( snazareth@kypinternational.com / samianatasha14@gmail.com / mkebede@kypinternational.com )

Project status

  • In Progress