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Ekitaboho is a project that provides free daily food supply to vulnerable populations in Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria.


In support of social distancing as a COVID-19 prevention tool, Nigeria, a deeply religious nation, banned religious gatherings. This made residents of my community (Oghara, Delta State) aware of the seriousness of the COVID-19 issue so much so that people are now scared to go to the food market, a place with the highest density of people every day. Our research tells us they are skeptical that not every buyer will follow hand hygiene principles before entering the market, hence the fear. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, some vulnerable community members cannot even afford food in the first place. To provide a solution to these problems, Ekitaboho was born on April 19, 2020.

Ekitaboho offers the only food delivery service in Oghara. Due to the internet access limitation in Oghara, customers request our services through phone calls, SMS, and Whatsapp messages. Through our partnership with food farmers/sellers, we purchase the items requested by our customers at highly discounted rates and deliver them to their doorsteps for 50% the standard market-to-doorstep delivery fee. We charge half the standard fee because we understand that the pandemic has impacted everyone’s finances and moreover, the food price discounts we receive augments for the delivery fee discount we give our customers.

Our generated income is being used to provide free daily supply of food to 100 vulnerable community members (who cannot afford food) and this will continue until the COVID-19 scare is over. These individuals include the sick, elderly, orphans, pregnant/lactating mothers and mentally unstable people.

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  • Community
  • Food
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Oghara is divided into 8 sub-communities but our delivery service only operates in one of these sub-communities due to the limited resources available to us. Now that we still have the advantage of monopoly, we want to expand to the other 7 sub-communities and establish our customer-base before competition arises. Moreover, an expansion to these sub-communities means we will be providing free daily supply of food to 800 vulnerable people instead of the current 100. We need financial support to help us expand to 7 other sub-communities and below is our budget per sub-community; 1. Cost of renting a van for transporting food items & delivery personnel for 5 days at the rate of US$61.54 per day = US$307.70 2. Purchase of 100 litres (20 litres per day) of petrol for the van for 5 days at US$0.38 per litre= US$38.00 3. Five-day salary for the van driver at US$30.77 per day (10 hours) = US$153.89 We started making profit from our operations in the index sub-community on Day 6 and that is why our budget only accounts for the first 5 days of operation in the 7 sub-communities. Also, due to the fact that we implement utmost hygienic practices before, during and after food delivery, we are helping to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus. Also, since we started operating, food purchase has greatly increased and this has prevented food wastage and rejuvenated the income of food farmers/sellers. Donating to us will help us continue creating impact in this challenging times.

Best way to get in touch

via email: estherejiorghene@gmail.com

Project status

  • In Progress