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The effect of COVID in education sector in MALAWI. Learners more especially girls have been affected.


Malawi education heavily relies on face to face interaction type of learning methods. This is so because 80% of Malawian have an access to cell phones of which only 30% have an access to internet which makes the online learning almost impossible for everyone.

The closure of school due to COVID has affected the education system and individual learners. A Snapshot assessment conducted by the organisation has revealed that girls have been more affected than boys. Tentively in the districts of Nkhata bay.,Rumphi, kasungu, dowa, karonga, nsanje, Mangochi and Mwanza 60% of the girls are married and 20% are pregnant from March 2020 to June 2020.This is worse compared to when the schools were open last year in the same period (20% married and 10% pregnant).

The reaserch will try to consolidate the number or the magnitude of cases and possible solutions. The research will also look at how the education system has been affected.

Furthermore the research will look at the level of information on COVID pandemic in the communities and availability of interventions.

The end goal of this research to establish the magnitude affects of COVID to girls education and the level of knowledge on COVID and existing interventions in the community.

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The organisation needs logistical support and operations so that data is collected and analysed. Data will be collected using phone (kobo collect or ODK collect). Resources are needed for communication and other logistics. Other activities are data analysis, report, and information dessimination which will involve publication of findings and stakeholder meeting.

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