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Providing technology tools to students who do not have access to technology to keep learning online


EduTechAid was launched in April 2020 amidst the crisis caused by the COVID-19 where schools are closed and students are forced to learn remotely but many do not have the technology tools needed to learn.

EduTechAid therefore provides a means to support students and families in their ability to transition to online learning in this time of uncertainty and adoption. We believe it is important to shine a light on the inequality and close the digital divide especially in this time when school and social connections have shifted online. Children and families that do not have the technology to stay connected are disadvantaged. This initiative is helping to close the equity gap.

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  • Education

Support needed

  • Exposure
  • Marketing
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

The organization needs help with funding to get the tablets in the hands of the students that need it

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  • In Progress