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Drone package for detecting air polution particles & Covid19 spread. Innovative data insights & robotics solutions.


Covid-19 particles have been detected on air pollution particles. We know the 2003 Sars coronavirus was spread in the air and that the new virus can remain viable for hours in tiny droplets. Experts say the importance of potential airborne transmission, and the possible boosting role of pollution particles, needs further investigation. Furthermore, high levels of air pollution may be “one of the most important contributors” to deaths from Covid-19, according to research. This of particular relevance to dense urban areas in Sweden, in the first instance, but also globally (especially in the developing South).
Our initiative uses drones to collect samples of both particulate densities (via optical sensors) as well as collecting samples by “sticky trap” (airborne Petri dish or similar) on which particles will get stuck and which then gets examined in a bio lab.

Via our innovative robotics hardware solutions we are able to slice a large section of air causing minimum disturbance. This is then combined with our software package that offers unique data insights and policy decision making support tools, to tackle both air pollution and pandemic spread problems. We offer services in both mapping the extent of spread of particles of pollution and infection, as well as innovative sensor/aerial robotics solutions to further detect, test and mitigate. Our extensive network of scientific experts in healthcare, data science, network solutions and biology, enable us to lift the data from mere detection to hands on solutions we can offer our clients in municipalities (komuns), agencies (e.g. MSB) and policy makers battling novel pandemic crisis such as the current COVID 19.
Our solutions package goes beyond the current use case of detection via drones, and can be further extended into climate change, environmental monitoring and sustainable development goals contexts.

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While our strengths lie in the technological innovation side and cutting edge scientific research, where we would greatly benefit from support is in business development, marketing, sales and product development to attract sustained capital in order to scale up.

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