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Zethar Al-Umma Foundation is duly registered in Nigeria. It became registered in 2008, even though it commenced its oper


Dogongada is a community within Sakaba Local government of Kebbi State, Nigeria. It is a model village that has undergone transformation community development programs by our partnership with Global Hope Network International-GHNI.
It will be an intensive and extensive preventive medicine concepts, when funded to do the corona fight initiatives. From the village head to the last person in the community. The activities will span from advocacies to community gatekeepers, community sensitization, primary health care upscaling, schools visitation, roads campaign, markets move, bills posting and sharing, jingles, songs, trainings and workshops.
All these will help to instill the information and protective measures against contracting corona virus let alone spreading it.
Designing and strategic distribution of face masks, wash hand station and liquid wash.
A comprehensive program table with duration will be drafted and responsibilities assigned with a weekly reporting with pictures and videos where necessary.
Zethar Al-Umma Foundation will provide the workforce, logistics and all that concern the initiative and adequately report both program and account.
Hoping to be favorably considered for this initiative.

Adeniyi John Babatunde
For: Zethar Al-Umma Foundation

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Project type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Impact Support
  • Information
  • Logistics
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Content
  • Design
  • General management
  • Leadership
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Product development
  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

Zethar Al-Umma Foundation needs support for funding. So as to be able to produce: content development, face masks, hand-wash stations, liquid wash, hand sanitizers, markets and motor parks intensive awareness, printing of bills for campaign, radio jingles and workshops for support staff, logistics and allowances for the workforce during the initiative time frame.

Best way to get in touch

+2348029408227, +2348035270137-WhatsApp.

Project status

  • Just started