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MCJSupport Org intends to use Digital Technology to create, decentralize, and spread quality education through IT


At the level of MCJSupport Org, we are all profoundly aware of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our own lives as Gambians and those of millions of others. And more than ever, we recognize the importance that the Digital Technology plays during this uncertain time, serving as a lifeline that enables children and youths to continue learning and exploring, equating the effects of the lockdown for students in The Gambia through statistics, of which might be the consequences of missing and gapped understanding of the subject areas, will lead to mass failure of students after the pandemic.

According to the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) 2018, over 13, 000 Gambian students sat for the WAEC Examination. The West African Examinations Council says 475 candidates obtained credit passes in five subjects and above, including English language and Mathematics. WAEC also states there has been however a decrease in pass ratio compared to last year’s results, when 530 students obtained five credit passes in five subjects and above.

MCJSupport ORG has come to the conclusion through The Gambia National Human Development Report 2014 (TGNHD2014), current high levels of youth unemployment, the persistent increase in unemployment among high school leavers, drop-outs, and those who never attended school are a cause for concern as it could lead to increasing numbers of street children and growing crime; the under-mobilization and under-utilization of the youth talents; and youth energies being channeled into anti-social activities, and the mass failure of students might have seriously drawn these results. This impact has mainly been caused by the lack of access of youth to information and in particular to reliable and insightful data. Also, mass failure of students might be due to Hereditary and environmental factors such as their home environment where children are not encouraged to focus on school activities because of their parents level of education, inadequate qualified teachers to handle certain subject areas eg, Physics, Chemistry, etc, and low laboratory resources to practicalized theories taught in class.

Youth migration and involvement in criminal activities emanate mostly after grade 12 exams(TGNHD2014) where they feel through the lens of the societal notion that exams qualify an individuals capability to succeed in life or not, such discouragement leads a lot of innocent youths into so many unwanted behaviors such as drug use, stealing, etc.

At the level of our organization, we strongly believe that having access to Digital Content of critical subject areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry …of the national curriculum and also documentaries of the history and cultures of the Gambia, Economic Activities, Governance, Occupations, Energy, Engineering, Civic Education, Nationalism, Corruption, Agriculture, Industries, Businesses, etc, will go a long way to shape their scope of thinking and
motivational drive to achieve and work towards their dreams. Moreover, students will have a simplified, easy to follow video content of some of the subject areas that they struggle with made easy and available at all times. These all will have a positive impact and improve the statistics of the students passing grade 12 post-pandemic or any other pandemic in the future. When Children and Youths are motivated and have easy access to academic material, then they will have all the information and knowledge needed to pursue what they want in life, regardless of their particular disadvantaged situation and/or home environment.

Use of Digital Technology to create, decentralize, and spread quality education through Information Technology and supplement government efforts to provide universal access to education for all the children and Youths in The Gambia.

– To enhance students’ academic performance post-covid-19 and increase their knowledge through data and information access
– To highlight films aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offer educational resources to complement these films as a means for deeper learning about global challenges and opportunities.
– Enhance the use of education for unlocking other untapped business areas in The Gambia.
– Encourage the use of videos in teaching and learning to help improve student understanding, but also teachers and their affiliated institutions.
– To attain the SDG 4, 8, 16 spread of quality and all inclusion education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Peace and Justice Strong Institutions.
– Promote culture and values for a peaceful and progressive society


May – July
Grant applications/online fundraising and purchase of technical equipments

August – December
Stakeholders meeting – Ministry of Education, Tourism and Culture and other potential partners

Sample content creation (5 lectures for each subject – 1 documentary)

January – March
Complete recording of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science

April – December
Shooting and editing of educational documentaries

Every 2 Months from the start, the content will be delivered through mass storage devices to the ministry for students Gambia Education TV, it will be uploaded on MCJSupport ORG website and Youtube channel, and all other TVs in the country.

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  • Work & Productivity

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  • Anything
  • Content
  • General management
  • Product development

What we need help with

We have 40% of the resources needed, but have constraints with the technical equipments. Equipments we need 2 ProCamcorder - Still Camera - Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System - Boom Mic - Cam Lighting - Cam Tripod Stand - Drone - Switcher - External Hardrive

Best way to get in touch

mahajoof@outlook.com / info@mcjsupport.org

Project status

  • Launched