Digitalizing Women Enterprises against COVID-19

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The program aim in integrating women owned enterprises into digital market, a solution to social distancing


COVID -19 and its social distancing requirement are continuing to negatively affect businesses and the community at large and these impacts are not gender exclusive.
In the recent past women have taken initiatives to start and grow profitable businesses for inclusive growth, however due to the fact that women assumed exclusive responsibility to be full time family care takers at this time of COVID -19, their income generating activities happen to have bitten twice than those of their male counterparts hence the increase of income gap is being predicted and will continue to weakness the efforts towards gender equality.
While in other countries we hear some business rescue programs, in country like Tanzania there are no such programs. Digitalizing Women Enterprises in Tanzania against COVID 19 aim to support business continuity by mapping, profiling, verifying and integration these businesses into global supply chain through digital market platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc. The program will educate women business leaders on the opportunities within e-commerce and provide them with technical assistance and they continue to operating into digital market. The target is for the program to benefit 1200 businesses by the end of the one year program.

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  • Alleviation

Support needed

  • Operations

What we need help with

Our organization as a business support organization need both financial and network support to be able to support this specific program operations so that the targeted women businesses can be reached across the country.

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e mail or telephone 255784617148 or zoom meeting for further discussion

Project status

  • Just started