Developing Country Teen Project For Covid19 Issues

Short description

To sustain food security from the smallest scale of community due to pandemic situation that's cause economic recession.


Hi-Tech Ponic Project

This product comes from the idea to solve main pain point in community due to the pandemic situation and from my creative economy interest. Within the process of Observe, Copy and Modificated as the base of creative economy, I have consider My idea, to make Hi-Tech Ponic.

Brief Description of Hi-Tech Ponic Project:
1. Hi-Tech Ponic has system to combine conventional aquaculture with hydroponic
2. Hi-Tech Ponic has new design in order to make it simple and portable
(design in blueprint)
3. Hi-Tech Ponic is endeavored to have low production cost (use recycle goods)
4. Hi-Tech Ponic has water pump in which use renewable energy resource supply
5. Hi-Tech Ponic will be commercialized as a package where contain : Fish & Plant seeds, Renewable energy water pump, iInteractive & Understandable Smart card/Infographic to socialize how it works and media cultivation.

This product will produce food sources in the easiest and cheapest way for every householders.
There are 3 pain point in which this product is expected contribute to solve them : 1) High price & Limited stocks of Goods 2.) High case of unemployed 3.) Poverty and lack of ability to provide basic needs such as foods.

Target country


Project type

  • Community
  • Food
  • Impact Support
  • Logistics
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Analytics
  • Design
  • Product development
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

My team will execute it in Global Competence as yearly project from my school. We have already applied the concept and start to discuss the implement. There are 2 steps to objectivity the project: 1. Critical Essay (CE) and 2. Project Base Service (PBS). In CE We collect & analys the data, make the design, ask permission of legacy and finally create a critical essay. Meanwhile, in PBS We create the prototype, do feasibility test, attend the expo and finally socialize & serve our product to community. But we have realized that our ability are so limited, We need help in some sectors : 1. Guidance form the expert adviser 2. Application to design blueprint 3. Funding to make produts in big scale

Best way to get in touch

email :

Project status

  • Just started