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Creheart is a community interest company located in Dudley UK, that runs creative arts activities for immigrants


Creheart Community centre was created to Tackle issues such as poverty loneliness and wellbeing among the black community in Dudley.
Dudley town centre Is considered to be one of the poorest boroughs in the West midlands, and the impact of poverty in this area is more than just lack of basic needs, it affects people’s quality of life, health and their inclusion in the community. Data from DWP shows that 35.6 per cent of children in 2018-2019 in Dudley were living in families with low income. Children experiencing poverty faces multiple disadvantages that often continue throughout their adult lives, thus ending child poverty is important for economic growth, and to reduce child poverty the root causes must be tackled.
Participation in creative activities have many positive effects on children, and unfortunately, living in poverty takes away the opportunity to participate in these activities as most parents living on breadline can-not afford the fees. Because of the social disparity I saw among these children specially the children from black minorities, I decided to create the Creheart Community centre where children from disadvantage communities whose parents cannot afford to pay for extracurricular activities can go and experience creative arts free of charges. with COVID outbreak we have trying to maintain the activities online to avoid the this community to be isolated, in addition to physical activities fro parents and young children we have created arts and craft workshops fro the children to be together in zoom.

Target country

United Kingdom

Project type

  • Community
  • Mental health

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

working capital for running cost. with COVID outbreak we move one with our activities supporting the immigrant communities through zoom, however we have been going through some difficulties with running cost of our community centre, we need to raise capital so that the centre can stay open and continue to help the immigrant population.

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  • In Progress