Creating resilient food supply chains during COVID

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A technology platform enabling farmers to safely connect with buyers and ensure uninterrupted food supply chains.


AgUnity has spent the last four years developing award-winning technology designed to help and assist smallholder farmers worldwide. Our unique approach on developing technology hand-in-hand with the very farmers who use it has enabled us to gain a significant insight into the daily lives and challenges encountered by many smallholder farmers in Africa, and how digital solutions can help transform these challenges into opportunities.

Today, with COVID-19 causing massive disruption to global food supply chains, while simultaneously increasing demand from people who need a safe way to get healthy produce, small-holder farmers are particularly affected due local market closures. With AgUnity’s newly developed initiative, ‘AgUnity Response’, this new enterprise will help farmers in any country, connect directly with buyers through our digital platform, which includes contactless delivery and payment.

AgUnity Response is adapting our existing solution allowing farmers to continue business, increase their income and reduce food waste. And, by ordering produce online from farmers, it greatly reduces the consumers risk of being in public spaces and supermarkets.

AgUnity Response currently has two proposals in place to pilot this solution, one with the Papua New Guinea government and local implementation partners, as well as with USAID in Thailand to work with local market owners and farmers.

Target country

Papua New Guinea

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Food
  • Logistics

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  • Bootstrapping
  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Raising capital
  • Sales
  • Software development
  • Talent

What we need help with

AgUnity Response is a new enterprise, we're currently building a team, creating new partnerships for pilot projects in multiple countries and raising seed capital for the first six months runway. We have a list of roles currently on offer at and investors can also contact us at We're looking for talented and passionate people to join our purpose driven mission, and investors who want to support an opportunity presented by COVID-19.

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  • In Progress