COvid Vaccine Uptake Confidence with Social Media

Short description

The vaccine uptake confidence in Africa and especially in Uganda has always faced resistance.


The importance of vaccine uptake presents an important milestone aimed at containing the spread of the virus. However, there are perceived resistance among the populations in Uganda regarding the drug efficiency and safety. In most instances, misinformation has contributed to low vaccine uptake and therefore, our goal is to utilize social media to promote awareness and hence overally increasing its uptake.

Target country


Project type

  • Healthcare

Support needed

  • Analytics

What we need help with

Support is needed to reach the population by using both the social media and the print media to help population gain awareness in the safety and efficiency of vaccines and their role in helping to prevent Covid-19 management. Hence, finances will be required in carrying out promotions, meetings and technical support to the populations in Uganda for 6 months.

Best way to get in touch

EMail:, Tel: +256781750106, (Whatsup as well)

Project status

  • Just started