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Goal:Reducing the worst impact of COVID 19 through promoting a healthy lifestyle of Siem Reap Community, Cambodia


In order to reach the goal, the project has 2 main outcomes as following:

Outcome 1: Increasing knowledge of teachers, students, and parents through ICT for education and coaching social distancing to all 45 primary schools and other target community learning centers.
Expected Outcome 1:
1. 45 teachers raised awareness of the direct message to their students by using the WHO and MoH messages.
2. 45 workshops of personal hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing conducted to benefit of COVID 19 to all teachers, students, and parents at all community and school learning centers.
3. 2000 leaflets produced and distributed to the communities.
4. 45 teaching channel of teachers promoted more widely the COVID 19 awareness messages through social media by using the video clip.

Outcome 2: Promoting widely awareness combat COVID 19 in the community with distributes reusable face masks and soaps to villagers especially people has just arrived from Thailand and other countries.

Expected Outcome 1:
1. 45 awareness campaigns via loudspeakers conducted by using the message of the WHO and Ministry of Health (MoH) to all villages.
2. 20000 reusable face masks produced and distributed to the villagers in all communities.
3. 12000 soaps bought in collaborate with Eco-Soap Bank Org to provide soap to the villagers in all communities
4. 45 channels created for reporting channel suspected cases or newly arrival (people just countries without screening on the checking point) from village to provincial level
5. 3 monthly meetings conducted with COVID 19 committee at the community level to update the progress via ZOOM technology.

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  • Healthcare

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  • Raising capital

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Since June 2020, COVID 19 re-outbreaks with a new large of number positive cases, we are concerned about the second wave of the outbreak will affect the rural community which no awareness campaigns from government agencies promoting social distancing. Overall country, people seem to forget the COVID 19 and social event restarts without practice social distancing and wearing face masks. The CDC of the USA, the face mask can protect the new infection from spreading, and practicing personal hygiene by handwashing with soap will reduce the transmission. Behavior change in Cambodia is the most difficult part in which 80% of people over 35 years are illiterate. They need to build more awareness and change their hygiene and sanitation behaviors/practices.

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  • In Progress