Covid-19 Relief-Net

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Covid-19 Relief-Net provide digital access to businesses and learning institutions to alleviate shocks of covid-19.


Problem Identification:

Due to the shocks of the covid-19 pandemic, Businesses and institutions of learning are rapidly moving to virtual learning ,transactions and communication. This is the most challenging time for low and middle y countries faced with limited digital infrastructure and the high cost of the internet facilities unlike developed nations with sophisticated digital infrastructure. Many have had to close temporarily, or rapidly transition to an online delivery model, along side Challenges that are being imposed across all sectors of the economy, including:Education, health, communication and businesses. In the Cameroon city of Yaoundé, which is hosting more than 1,000 institutions of learning,with more than 250,000 students and 150,000 pupils ,5,000 internally displaced students and pupils and over 2,500 international students , approximately more than 1,000 non governmental organizations, more than 25,000 internet dependent enterprises and more than 7,500 small and medium size businesses are all in dire need of the internet services but can’t afford the high cost of the internet services . Providing free internet in this city means saving the lives and lifespan of :500,000 school children, 1000 non governmental organizations,50,000 Small and medium size enterprises/businesses, 2,500 international students and vulnerable and minority groups in society like women,girls, LGBTIQ community, disabled persons, indigenous population,IDPs ,low income migrant workers and low class citizens ,all relying on internet services for survival but cannot afford it during this difficult time. Inclusive internet services is a great measure that will urgently guarantee Last mile communication by ensuring that the right information reaches even the most remote locations, Demonstrate a wider community benefits with increased resilience and help disseminate critical information to keep people safe and informed during the pandemic .This will help curb the spread of the covid-19 virus via information flow and communication as more people gain access to the internet thereby strengthening community resilience and prevention strategies via social distancing, virtual learning, indoor communication and geometric growth in remote business transactions(E-Commerce).

Relief-Net aims to ensure inclusive digital access to all by providing high speed Free internet (WIFI) to students, businesses and institutions within 10Km2 of the city of Yaoundé for six (06) months in collaboration with ” Afrikanet GoSat Côte d’Ivoire” an experience international telecommunications and service provider company which provide high speed internet services using the new HTS technology allowing connection speeds 20 times higher than other existing technologies and uses satellite services and benefit from the support of Eutelsat . Relief-Net’s mission is to alleviate the social, economic and digital shocks of covid-19 pandemic by providing free and high-quality, high-speed internet connection in the Yaoundé city for six(6) months and later on at a very affordable price in the long run. We work with Gosat telecommunications company or service provider . Unlike other technologies already existing and using ADSL, Fiber or WiMax terrestrial networks, Relief-Net have entered the new phase of partnership with “GoSat” which does not depend on any terrestrial infrastructure before arriving in your companies, your schools, your institution, hospitals or even at home. This allows businesses,institutions and organisations to access internet services wherever they’re . quality internet connection is an undeniable factor for businesses and institutions of learning especially during this period of isolation. By accessing broadband, all entrepreneurs,institutions of learning and economic players, whatever their field, will be opened a door to the long-awaited growth of their activity. The internet emergence will be within everyone’s reach. Who Afrikanet GoSat Côte d’Ivoire” is? Gosat is a dynamic and ambitious company which was born out of the collaboration of two great leaders on the Broadband Internet market: KonnectAfrica and Afrikanet and benefit from the support of Eutelsat , world leader in satellite communication which aims by 2019 to cover more than 20 countries in Africa with very high speed without compromising on quality. Eutelsat already has such experience in more than 150 countries around the world. With the aim of improving broadband technology in French-speaking Africa, starting with Cameroon, we allow everyone and especially economic players to no longer consider the quality of their internet connection as a luxury. Such a connection is now accessible to everyone, wherever you are, throughout the territory This project is aimed at equipping businesses, institutions of learning,social enterprises and startup NGOS high speed free Wi-Fi services. It’s being touted as the biggest Wi-Fi-in-motion network in the city of Yaoundé. This project is a great move to mitigate the covid-19 Socio- economic fallout in the city of Yaoundé. This project is very scalable and sustainable

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  • Alleviation
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  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Relief-Net is currently Fundraising a targeted Amount of $100,000 to startup the project. After the funds for this project must have exhausted, Monthly subscriptions of 1dollar per individual and 5 dollars Per group will guarantee the sustainability of the program. This cost represents only 0.05 % of what commercial internet networks providers are offering. The lowest extreme cost services we render,the efficiency ,rapidity and reliability of our services will guarantee market ,revenue and attract more users than other internet commercial service providers.

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  • Launched