Covid-19 Prevention in Rural Nicaragua

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El Porvenir is preventing Covid-19 via water and sanitation infrastructure, and via a prevention information campaign.


El Porvenir’s Covid-19 prevention campaign aims to save lives by reaching some of Nicaragua’s most vulnerable people. We are distributing 1,800 mini handwashing stations to homes, schools, and health posts so that 19,500 people will be able to safely wash their hands. We are also building full-sized clean water and improved sanitation infrastructure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in rural areas of the country. Furthermore, we are spreading information about handwashing and other hygiene best practices and World Health Organization prevention recommendations through strategically placed posters, stickers, and road signs as well as via radio, text messaging, social media, TV spots, and circulating trucks with loudspeakers. The end goal of this campaign is to save as many lives as possible by providing the tools and information that rural community members need to safely wash their hands and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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  • Prevention

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  • Operations

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El Porvenir needs funding for our Covid-19 prevention campaign. Specifically, we need funds to build handwashing stations, wells and water systems, and other water and sanitation infrastructure that will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in vulnerable communities across Nicaragua. Furthermore, El Porvenir needs funding for our Covid-19 information dissemination campaign. We need funds for Covid-19 prevention stickers, road signs, and posters; national radio time; local TV spots; and circulating trucks with loudspeakers that will spread World Health Organization Covid-19 prevention recommendations in public spaces across Nicaragua.

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  • In Progress