COVID-19 prevention and control

Short description

Project: Feed 1200 children and 400 women living in camp of Kanyangeya kasese municipality due to floods.


COVID 19 is a global challenge. The Government issued directives such as lockdown, social distancing that has gone on for more than two months. This has had huge effects especially for the most vulnerable in our communities – women and children. However, the condition in the slums of Kampala is worst with majority lacking food. The most affected are families with children with disabilities, families headed by children and single mothers. This project will give provide food to 200 households.

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Project type

  • Community
  • Food

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We are fundraising for 5,000 pounds so as to afford food for 200 vulnerable families in our project areas. For 30 USD you will help a family of 4 to access 25kgs of maize flour and 10kgs of beans, this food is anticipated to last a whole month. This project will not only help people in camp with food but also help them earn an income as the food will be bought from a local shop. The project officers will work directly with the women group leaders to identify the families in need. The project will support 200 vulnerable families with food to enable them go through the tough time of lockdown. After the project families should be health to return to work and children go back to school.

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Project status

  • Just started