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The COVID-19 pandemic demands an unprecedented response from governments around the world. Governments’ policy responses ...


The COVID-19 pandemic demands an unprecedented response from governments around the world. Governments’ policy responses to the coronavirus are vast, varied in scope, and changing every day.

We are creating a public website called COVID-19 Policy Watch to collate and summarize government policy information based on material published on official government sources or, where necessary, reputable news outlets. We will allow users to browse the policies of a specific country, or compare policies of different countries by topic (e.g. health services; movement of people; financial markets and monetary policy). A user will see single-sentence summaries in the first instance, and can click on a policy to read a detailed 100-200 word summary, in addition to citations to original sources. Policies are summarized according to a standardized editorial methodology to assist with comparability and ease of understanding. For each country, a range of vital statistics sourced from the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker will accompany policies, including confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries, and derivative statistics designed to show a country’s place on the curve. Mock-ups of our homepage and comparison page are attached.

COVID-19 Policy Watch will provide journalists, policymakers, researchers, and the general public a source of accurate, up-to-date, accessible information to inform their work. Citations to official sources allow readers to fact-check, and allow technical audiences to find more detailed information easily.

We will launch in the first week of April at, covering an initial set of 10 countries’ policies, and will expand to 25 countries within the first week following launch.

COVID-19 Policy Watch is a non-profit project created by Policy, a public interest media organisation that creates digital tools to support democracy. We are supported by a team of more than 40 volunteers around the world. We are partnering with media organisations to broaden our reach.

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New Zealand

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  • Transparency

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  • Product development

What we need help with

We are looking for researchers and editors to help us add policy summaries for new countries and sub-national areas (such as states). This involves a 10 hour upfront commitment to summarise national policies, and minimal commitments thereafter to keep the site updated with new policies. We are also seeking front-end developers and back-end developers experienced in Drupal willing to volunteer or provide subsidised time to help us add new functionality.

Best way to get in touch

Via website or email

Project status

  • In Progress